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Educational Theatre Institute


ETI was established in 1999, by the Los Angeles based professional theatre company, BAMN Ensemble for the purpose of providing quality, specialized programs to corporate as well as educational clients. Examples of our many programs include Productions, Workshops, Staff Development, After-School Programs, Web Development Workshops for Youth and Adults, and Talent Management. All of our educational projects are fully customizable, and designed within the framework of the National Educational Standards.  ETI is also home to BAMN-BAMN Youth Ensemble, Los Angelesí premiere theatrical ensemble primarily for young entertainment professionals.


ETI is a unique blend of some of the most experienced and talented professionals in the arts community.  Our varied membership consists of professional actors, experienced educators, facilitators, artists, dancers, musicians, and visual artists.  ETIís customized staff development provides educators with the chance to learn and practice theatre techniques, which can then be utilized to teach their entire curriculum.


Advancing Art Education

ETI exposes youth and educators to the arts by incorporating visual, theatrical, dance and musical activities into the curriculum. Each program is individualized for your group, and can be based on literature, such as Open Court stories, or any subject matter. Educational materials, such as Study Guides, provided in advance, provide background information on the artists and the art form, and suggest ways to extend the arts experience into the classroom, complete with tie-ins to academic standards.



   Our Educational Programs..

  • Improve students’ Language Arts skills, particularly English Language Development
  • Work well with students with alternative learning needs due to physical and mental challenges
  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop cooperative skills and empathy
  • Help discover talents and strengths that may go undetected in the general education classroom
  • Have been proven to raise test scores
  • Teach and nourish self-discipline and self-awareness
  • Provide enjoyment and creative fun
  • Improve attendance
  • Promote school culture and unity amongst faculty, staff, administrators and parents.
  • Build community relations with other schools, neighborhood, government agencies, corporate entities and arts-related groups
  • Are an excellent fundraising opportunity






 provide the means

for every student to learn

and excel



ETI promotes both independence and collaboration through critical thinking, making learning fun and interactive.

Stimulating the brain and

senses through the arts

Building self-confidence

††and self-esteem

Focusing on professional fundamentals

All workshops culminate in live performances